Manifesto of race

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Manifesto of race Coratia – brought into being by germans – fascists movement the ustasha placed – a radical fascists movement w/o braod pop support, cant get willing collaborators, head of the ustasha movement was pavelic – interested in racial purification, try to expel serbs and jews and allying with muslims. Coastal zone is given to itlay as occupation zone, focus on three groups for purification, serbs – mass murder, forced assimilation, forced expulsion. Jews and gypsies are face with terror and mass murder. Summer of 42 croation gov ask germans for help against Italy – germans approach Italians and ask that their jews be turned over. Italians have firm info about death camps and concentration camps in Poland, military commanders in Croatia thwart germans, delay and procrastinate, germans are unable to get their hands on jews in the itialian area of Croatia In france – the germans move into and occupy southern france in 43, French army units begin to round up jews in Italian occupation zones and the Italian army forces the French
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