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Palestine mandate

Palestine mandate - Palestine mandate Balfour Declaration...

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Palestine mandate Balfour Declaration – promise that in case of allied victory pale would be taken from ottoman empire and be made a homeland for jews White paper – 5 more yrs of limited immigration into Palestine and then it would end and that would limit the jewish pop to under 1/3 of the total pop and arabs would have 2/3 – a strategic decision, securing their empire and position inmiddle east where gulf oil and suez canal are crucial US policy of immigration – in 1924 comprehensive immigration act openly and clearly aimed at preserving existing racial balance of US, immigration to US was by quota and the quota assigned to each group was based on their current % of US population, hot button issue of ethnic proportions and preserving the American way from less American groups . great depression made this issue even sensitive – any body coming in is a threat to jobs when everyone is experiencing unemployment, foreigners comoing and taking jobs makes immigration even more of a hot button issue. This is the context in US when a
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