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Pius XII - Pius XII would he intervene when Catholics are...

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Pius XII – would he intervene when Catholics are the murders? Hands off policy would nto become involved in trying to end, remain above the fray, when catholics are victims and then prepetrators he observed neutrality. When the final solution begins, we are clear on that the Vatican was well informed about what was going on, the notion that the Vatican was in the dark is garbage. There is no question that in terms of the final soln that the Vatican is early and clearly aware of german policy but they argue that they must remain absolutely neutral, else create a worse situation. He becomes increasingly obsessed that the germans should not attack rome and the Vatican city. In 43 the order comes to deport the jews of rome – will he be desperate about the safety of these jews? Pope did his best to do nothing that would strain relations with Germany. Most roman jews managed to escape, but over 1000 were deported to Auschwitz. Pius had no problem openly objecting
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