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Ploesti - Ploesti major oil source within german sphere of...

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Ploesti – major oil source within german sphere of influence crucial to war economy, anxious to have romaia on board to have access to Romanian oil, 2 trump cards oil and strategic position for invading soviet union, key launching pad for war in soviet union Vienna Award –hitler declaration that half of translyvaia would go back to hungary and half would stay with romania Iasi pogrom – along border b/w soviet union, this town is in Romania, 4000 jews killed in this pogrom that gives us a sense of how prime the Romanian forces have become as war to expand romaia but a racial war of revenges who thye blame for the misfuntunes in loss of territory Tghina agreement – concedes to Romania addtionaly land of transnistria – far side of river, slice of souther Ukraine as there lebensraum and reservation for jews, chief killing grounds of the jews, epidemics and starvation wide spread Odessa – largest jewsih pop of any city in soviet union, largest masacacre, 25,000 killed in oct. the rest are driven into transistria . Romanians are anxious, ready to continues
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