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Pogrom – massive anti-jewish riot Schacht-Rublee talks – Germany and appointed represeventive of the evian conference (Rublee), more secretive talks, hitle and the Nazis are still pursuing a serach for how to carry out jewish emigration, how to finance and who will be the receptive countries, no more successful that the public one. Demonstrated how much a priority jewish emigration was, especially to hitler, makes clear the expulsion of jews is still for him a very important avenue for how the jewish problem is to be solved Jan. 30 Reichstag speech – 2 hr speech hitler gave to the Reichstag, half way through turns to jewish question – if the other gov of the world are so upset about how Germany treats is jews they should open their doors and take the jews themselves and stop complaining about what Germany is doing, if thye do not and world jewery plunges Germany into a World war again it will result in the destruction of the jewish race in
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Unformatted text preview: Europe (intentionalists say this a clear declaration of hitlers intent to destroy the jews, others see this as a case of blackmail, declaring that if other gov resist his expansions and war results of his invasions then the result will be the end of the jews in Europe, so let me have my way bc if it comes to war the jews will suffer, still others see it has hitlers setting new levels of expectation that his followers are supposed to meet, that jewish policy is going to operate on a diff scale, jewish question had to be dealt with on the European scale, dealt with all the jews in Europe, somehow the jews have to be gotten out of here hence the phrase the destruction of the jewish race IN Europe his warning to his followers that a serach for a solution to the jewish problem will be sought on a much larger scale...
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