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Raul Hillberg - Raul Hillberg- published major work...

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Raul Hillberg- published major work comprehensive study of the holocaust “destruction of European jews” about the machinery of destruction, created to carry out destruction of jews,one prt, in describing how it was carried out was to note capacity to incorporate and exploit jewish leadership to perfrom some of the necessary functions (Judenrat) the pipline for german orders and demands - , jewish councils, jewish police, kapos, integral part of the german strategy, created with a pur;ose to carry out destruction. 5 ways jews responded (see term) Resistance-alleviation-evasion-paralysis-compliance – jews picked up armed resistance, alleviation –petitioning or bribing authorities evasion – to leave, paralysis – ppl listlessly waiting for fate, compliance – obey all german order in hopes of not disturbing beast, of these 5 2 most common were alleviated and compliance, predominant. Resisitance is in fact was by a small group, no effect of slowing, derailing german machine, did not alter outcome – did not save jews. Jews had survived by finding ways to dela with authority (alleviation) or by keeping heads down (compliance) since the conversion, this is how they had survived over the
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Raul Hillberg - Raul Hillberg- published major work...

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