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Rescue International rescue – Vatican, british, americans, intervene in the affairs of other countries to change policy and prevent the murder National rescue – a country tries to save its own jews (Italy, Romania, Blugaria, Denmark) o Denmark- solidarity between Danish ppl and jews , tho occupied by Germany held a privileged pos. in German empire, the king remained, the gov remained, and internal affairs were lef to the danes, internal autonomy, but couldn’t not pursue independent foreign policy and had to contribute economically to german war economy. Denmark had very few jews, geographically the are located near Sweden, who is willing to take any jew (Geogrpahy, demography, politics) there was no long standing anti-semitism in Denmark, strong sense of democracy – any Danish jew is a Danish citizen. From 40-43 they enjoy privileged pos in which jews and not discriminated and deported. Changes in 43, increasingly clear that Germany isn’t going to win and danes become unsatisfied with cooperation with
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