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Riegner Telegram

Riegner Telegram - Riegner Telegram reigner passes info on...

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Riegner Telegram – reigner passes info on to british and us diplomats, telegram sent to us was suppressed to Long did not pass it on or spread the word and sent back instructions saying do not send further material, doestn want accumulation of documents “we have info from reliable source that decision has been made, please check it out, confirm it” both countries attempt to confirm, by fall of 42 both powers reach conclusion that the final soln is happening, a policy aimed at the total destruction of European jews. Why did it take so long? The unbelievability is curcial not the unwillingness to accept the obvious truth, Allied joint declaration – soviet union, us, brits form based on info that Germany is involved in systematic killing of europen jewery, does not include any reports of death camps and gas chambers, so as not to discredit the declaration, Bermuda Conference – allies agree to meet to decide on rescue policies in march of 43, each side set up conditions that could not be negotiated. British insisted the white paper
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