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Self-fulfilling prophecy – growing changes that lead to various restrictions on Jews that confirms and broadens that negative image that Christians have about Jews, and confirms Jews to economic and social inferiority, demonization of the Jews, creation of an image that makes them inherently inferior. Sent to ghettos, the only places Jews can live, then called clannish 1 st crusade (1096) – Christians call to re-conquer the holy land, Jewish communities are killed along the way be these crusaders a “warm-up” along the way Ritual murder/blood libel – Christians take Jewish children to use their blood – a complete fantasy – yet quickly grasped onto in this environment of broad negative stereotypes, and becomes self-evident fact that Jews take Christian children and kill them to use their blood for matzah Expulsion – king of England expels the jews, king of france expels the jews, in spain jews are told to convert of leave = Jewish diaspora , often travel to eastern Europe, series
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