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South-eastern Europe, Romania, and hungary: ethnic mix of people, shifting borders, shifting alliances. Romania – kills more jews on its own than any other, fighting in effect its own parallel war of destruction, first to jump ship, abandon alliance with Germany, changing relationship with Germany. Fought with allies in WWI given territory as a result (bassarabia, Translyvania, Bukovina) doubles in size picks up areas of Austria-hungary Old kingdom – pre-war Romania – doubles in size with territories (next 3 terms) jews were not emancipated or recognized as citizens, at Versailles they were included under minority treaty Bessarabia Bukovina Translyvanisa Transnistria Minorities treaty – new nation states in Europe all of which consisted of mixed ethnicities, to back the creation of these new states they had to promise to treat their minorities with respect regard to human rights. For many Romanians, Romanian jews lobbying for rights confirmed that they weren’t good Romanians – if these ppl wanted to
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