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Staatsnation - Staatsnation nation state Volk people but...

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Staatsnation- nation state Volk – “people” but conveys a sense of inherent things are necessary to be a part of the german ppl, that german identity had to be distinguished, organic, deeply embeeded in the past, mystical qualities. Many wanted Germany to become a strong unified nation and many wanted Germany to become a liberal country as well Revolution of 1848 – a turning point that didn’t turn, Germany fails, missed their chance to have a liberal democratic revolution and old orders remained entrenched. They become modern ec0nomoically but remained retarded in politics and social structure. There is no german state so this is difficult, a hodge podge of political units, no state where a single citizenship can emerge like in France. What is the german state that is going to make the nation? If there is no state then citizenship cant be the basis of the nation, so what is? o European ride – a double revolution in german, would bring german into 19
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