Teaching of contempt

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Teaching of contempt o To teach in Christian doctrine the theology of supercession – the covenant of the OT was broken by the Jews when they didn’t accept him as the Messiah – they are no longer God’s chosen ppl Constantine- Roman emperor tolerates and then favors Christianity and then names Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire, Christianity uses the empire to spread itself, paganism is to be wiped out but Judaism is not forbidden – it continues as a second class citizenship, a religion that was tolerated but held in contempt, was legally allowed but not equal o Population of Europe shrinks drastically o Literacy almost disappears o Primitive subsistence o Extraordinary decline o Dark ages – civilization virtually disappears from Europe o 10 th century this begins to change, population growth, emergence of literacy, city growth, introduction of money economy, leads to chains of debt that ppl were previously unaffected by Antisemitism – a prejudice, a prejudgment, a form of attitude in which ppl are judged
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