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Test 2 Why did Nazi’s move so quickly from 39-41? War reduces countervailing factors such as foreign press, economic moderation. War successes provides increased number of jews which leads to increasingly radicalization of nazi policy. 2 things: rivalry for hitlers favor and ever increasing # of jews are the driving forces behind a much more rapid radicalization than we had seen earlier. Also, beaurocratic momentum – “jewish desk” made up of jewish experts to advise on what to do to the jews, everyday , thus they have to think of new things or else they have no job, the jewish problem becomes self-fulliling prophecy – a grouwing problem so these ppl have something to do, “jews cant wear sports badges b/c they are weak so they cant be athletic” War breaks out in sept. 1939 Nazi soviet non aggression pact – alliance between stalin and hitler, ideologic bitter enemies.terms: neither country will attack other, or aid another country at war with either country, hitler concedes to stalin a vast amount of land in eastern Europe
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