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Tim Mason – coined intentionalism and functionalism, ppl tried to explain why things happened the way they did and these ppl divided into 2 groups. Intentionalist explain that things happen bc ppl make them happen, leaders are key agents who make things happen bc they have a set of goals, idea s they are trying to realize. To understand 3 rd reich you have to understand poitical history, Auschwitz happens b.c hitler had already decided yrs before the extermination of the jews, auschitz is the realiziation of things he had in his mind much earlier. Hitlers decisions are about timeliness and opportunities, the blueprints are all there from the beginning . functionalist – ppl make history in confined situations, they are constrained, improvising their way through tight situations, more things happen as unintended consequences than as a result of grand design. Auschwitz can only be understood with a knowledge of the constraints by the Nazis – controlled by underlying uncontrollable factors. Hitlers decisions are shaped by circumstance of the moment that
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