Vernichtungskrieg - Vernichtungskrieg (war of destruction)-...

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Vernichtungskrieg (war of destruction)- war against sov. Union will nto be conventional, rather a war of destruction, race war, ideological war, draw up plans for this. w/in military – revises military code of law: suspend german matrial law in sofar as it applied to crimes committed by german soldiers againt ppl of foreign countries. Anything german soldiers do will not be against the law – no legal reprecusion . mandate policy of collectrive reprisal – if german soldiers fired on and perpetrated cannot be found, citizens at large are held responsible collective punishment of the civilian punishment is allowed, ordered, mandated. 3 rd = komm. Deprived protection of any POW status deemed to be a communist, not enemy soldiers treated accordingly, rather they are executed. Army also makes contract with SS to stipulate army support for SS mobile firing squds. The eonomists hold conferences with the elite of the german economic force, “total caliryt must prevail about 1 factor: when
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Vernichtungskrieg - Vernichtungskrieg (war of destruction)-...

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