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Vichy regime - Vichy regime comes to power plays into...

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Vichy regime – comes to power, plays into german hands, collbaroating regime that delivers to Germany what Germany wants without investing much man power. Germany will military occuoy only part of france, station troops, ult auth is german military commander, unoccupied france where german troops are not present and vichy gov rules and French are free to deal with domestic affairs Henri Petain – head of state of vichy gov, wwi hero, hoped to be savior of france, symbol of French survival, Pierre Laval – runs day to day affairs, prime minister for most of occupation. Their goal is to carry out natl revo. National Revolution – slogan of vichy regime “work land and family” work is soil, have babies, abandon principles of French rev. of equality and liberty, france returns to model of more auth, hierarchial society, steeped in tration of rural country, frnahce becomes more traditional, anti-dem, anti-semitic, contrary to post war claim that vichy gov
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