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Government intervention - Julia Bishop Essay #4 November...

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Unformatted text preview: Julia Bishop Essay #4 November 16, 2011 Section 6 Government intervention has proven to be a viable option in dealing with problems of inequality in the United States. Without government intervention, for example, slavery and womens rights may still be unresolved issues. Because of government intervention with inequality, blacks have the same rights as whites, and women are allowed to vote as well as have the equal opportunity to compete in the same things men do. During the Civil Rights movement violence often erupted during protests, and demonstrations, especially as laws were passed to attempt to address inequalities. The government intervened in 1857 in what is now known as the Little Rock Nine. A high school in Arkansas was following the Supreme Court order to desegregate schools. Nine black students enrolled in Little Rock High School expecting to be welcomed. Instead they were threatened and beaten. The Governor of Arkansas deployed the Arkansas National Guard to prevent the nine black students from entering the school and completing the school year. President Eisenhower responded to the Governor by sending the United States National Guard to protect the students,...
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Government intervention - Julia Bishop Essay #4 November...

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