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Simple Quiz 1 - Julia Bishop Section 06 TA Alex Hairston...

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Julia Bishop Section 06 TA: Alex Hairston First Simple Quiz Using Emile Durkheim’s theory of organic and mechanical solidarity, one could argue that hunting among the Bushman society is more than just the act of getting food. It is an act that touches every aspect of the Bushman society including, manhood, social standing, marriage and divorce, and religion and spiritual power. Hunting helps promote this social solidarity among the lives of the Bushman through these different aspects of their nature. Solidarity shows the role of different parts of a society that bind people together through a common idea, or act. Manhood Manhood plays a huge influence on social solidarity among the Bushman society. Manhood helps bring social solidarity to the society because, like Durkheim’s theory of mechanical solidarity, it helps kinship ties to be formed and developed. To become a man in the Bushman society and be able to marry and inherit power, a boy must be able to hunt. The initiation to manhood ceremony happens after a boy has “hunted and killed his first buck.” (Thomas 1959: 194). Many Bushman boys however, are not eager to become men. “They prefer to play at hunting because as soon as they know how to hunt they have to, and hunting, say adult Busman, is very hard work.” (Thomas 1959: 195). The young boys are constantly doing things to get ready to hunt. Even when they are sitting around a fire they still act like hunters. (Thomas 1959: 53). Hunting is the main task of all men. Hunting brings the men together as they work to kill animals for meat. This is a form of solidarity because when the men bring back the meat the community comes together and share that which they had killed. Just the fact that they share what the kill is a form of
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solidarity in the fact that people are brought together to survive on the small amount of meat they might receive. When someone cannot hunt they cannot complete the initiation process and cannot participate in the other aspects of life. This is what happened with the old man Thomas encountered while traveling on the veld. “He was the only Bushman of any nation we had ever met or even heard of who had never married, this because Bushman men must shoot a buck and undergo initiation [for manhood] before they can marry, which he had never done.” (Thomas 1959: 147). When someone is unable to hunt they are looked down upon in the tribe. Lazy Kwi isn’t a good hunter but was still able to get meat because his father in law made arrows. If an arrow he made is used to kill an animal they automatically get a larger portion of the meat. Lazy Kwi however, is sometimes forced to eat meat that others wouldn’t eat because he could not get good meat at that time. (Thomas 1959: 164-165). Although Lazy Kwi wasn’t good at hunting he still had a means to provide meat for his family, the old man however, didn’t hunt at all, and obviously had tried but failed. The old man couldn’t hunt therefore he got smaller shares of meat, no wife, and no medicinal powers. No one saw him as an equal because
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Simple Quiz 1 - Julia Bishop Section 06 TA Alex Hairston...

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