mth481, Assignment 3

mth481, Assignment 3 - Math 481 Probability and Statistic...

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Math 481 – Probability and Statistic Assignment 3 Problem 1 I believe that this chapter brought some very important characteristics that are involved in statistics that should be taken into consideration. The chapter emphasized the importance of making every detail of the statistics as accurate and clear as possible in order to portray the truth. One of the factors that were mentioned in the chapter was to make sure to gather a large enough sample size for your data in order to have a valid enough conclusion. This is very important when there happens to be a low incidence rate involved with a factor that is being studied, so the data would be worthless if the sample size is too small. Another important subject that was mentioned is the importance of labeling chart axes, so it is easily understood of what the data is showing. This is commonly ignored when products are being sold and there packaging shows that the product is very good is some way, but the axes are not labeled. When people buy these products they see some statistic on the package, and without really looking at it closely, they see that it is beneficial to buy the product. The chapter also mentioned something else that involves misleading data, similar to what I just mentioned. Some companies gather statistics on their products and purposely take a small sample size testing them. Due to the small sample size, they will have a larger chance of having a large standard error. These large standard errors can make their products seem better than they really are. From this chapter we should be able see the importance of gathering realistic data. We can see how to make our sampling accurate and an effective representation of our population. Also, after we have gathered our data, we will know that the models and charts that will display the results of our data should be clearly labeled.
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Problem 2 I commonly hear children mention that they are better than someone else because they happen to do better on maybe one particular occasion. Although, realistically the child may or may not be better than that other person, since the child is basing this claim on one occasion. After the child makes this claim, they may do worse the next time and the other child may do
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mth481, Assignment 3 - Math 481 Probability and Statistic...

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