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Unformatted text preview: Cher 101 ExtRa C¬°edit A compound was analyzed and found to contain C, H, N¬° 0¬Ę and CL. When a 0.15¬° g saMPle of this coMPound was bured, it pRoduced ¬°¬Ę138 g of C02 and ¬°¬£¬°566 g of H20¬£ ALl of t¬§e nit¬•ogen in anotheR saMPLE of ¬¶ass ¬°¬§2¬°¬° g was conve¬ßed to ¬•¬¶¬°238 of NH 3 ¬® Finally¬© the chloRine in a ¬°¬£5¬°¬° g saMple of the coMpound was conve¬™¬ęD to C¬¨¬∑ and p¬≠eciPitated as AgCI¬® The AgC¬ģ P¬≠ecipitate had a Mass of 1¬£¬ß¬°4 g¬® Find t¬Įe eMPiR¬įcal foRmula of the coMpound¬® ¬Īn estiMation of the Radius of a lead atoM: a¬≤ You aRe given a cube of lead that is 1¬§¬°¬°¬° ¬≥M on each side¬≤ The densit¬ī of lead is 11¬§35 g/cM 3 ¬≤ How Man¬ī atoMs of lead aRe contained in the saMPle¬≤ b¬≤ AtoMs aRe sPheRical; theRefoRe¬Ķ the lead atoMs in this saMPle cannot fill aLl the available sPace¬≤ ¬Īs an aPpRoxiMation¬Ķ assuMe that 6¬°% of the space of the cube is filled with spheRical lead atoMs¬≤ Calculate the voluMe of one lead atoM fRoM this infoRMation¬® F¬≠oM the calculated voluMe...
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