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Heather Birk ENG123 Essay 2 When reading about Pandora specifically it struck a cord with what women go through, with the pressure one puts on herself and the growth that takes place in our lives. Even more so it seemed to mirror the story of Eve from the bible. The stories are not exact mirrors but the basic symbols and meanings do mirror each other. In the story of Pandora we find that the Zeus had the gods make her to punish the humans. So three of the gods got together and made her out of clay (Atsma); Hephaestus, Athena and Hermes not only created her body but provided her with arts, crafts and the ability to be cunning (Thorburn). Once Pandora was finished Zeus gave her a jar and was told not to ever open it. She was unaware the jar contained plagues and evil (Thorburn). Just as a child when Pandora was told never to open it she became even more curious about what was in the jar, and finally opened it (Atsma) only to have all of the evil spill out. By opening the jar Pandora became a mother of evil. Eve was created from one of Adam’s ribs by God, who created Adam from the Earth (The Story of Adam & Eve). God then put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
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ENGL123-Essay - Heather Birk ENG123 Essay 2 Pandora &...

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