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Heather Birk INCC123 Dropbox 4 Pouring Your Emotions Into Everything I selected to write about Howard Schultz’s Pour Your Heart Into It , for the sole reason that I am a very loyal Starbucks customer and was curious how Starbucks came into existence. I truly believed that not only in learning about how Starbucks came to be I would understand the odd loyalty I had to a corporation so large. Traditionally I select to conduct my business at local establishments. If it is my choice, I do not eat or shop at chains, yet Starbucks had my business and I was not exactly sure why. I felt that reading this book would help me understand purchasing habits and in a way, better know myself. Thesis statement: Howard Shultz was driven by passion and emotion. He showed that when you put your whole heart into something you can achieve any goal. In reading the book and keeping this paper in mind I decided to write about how personal connection fuels our decisions in purchasing and how Starbucks hooked into this to fuel their business. A key characteristic in becoming a master student is caring. Showing that you care about something and tapping into that passion will help fuel success (Ellis). I care a great deal about the work that I do which has lead me to pushing myself to work full time and complete my degree. Shultz begins his book by speaking about his childhood and how being raised poor taught him to value hard work and how he watched his father and mother struggle to survive financially. He starts off at a very emotional place and it becomes clear that he is an emotional person and is very willing to share this with others, which can be uncomfortable, but just as he pushes through to share
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to help others grow, I must do the same in order to keep connections in place. He becomes very passionate about coffee and even develops a friendship with the owners of Starbucks, back then it was a roastery; not the Starbucks you think about today. He is in awe of the gentleman and what a deep connection they have for the product. He was very self-aware that this was an important aspect of his life. When I was in my mid-twenties I realized that I wanted more from live and that I should not settle for less than what I wanted. I was not for sure what I wanted to change but knew I needed to change
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INCC123-Final Paper - Heather Birk INCC123 Dropbox 4...

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