Lecture 2-6 - Lecture 6 Evolution The Origin of Life...

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Lecture 6 - Evolution 2/28/2011 © Nicola Davies 2011 Evolution: The Origin of Life, Eukaryotes and Molecules Lecture 6 February 28, 2011 2 The Origin of Life Between a sterile earth and LUCA, life arose and became highly complex Occurred over approximately 500 million years Progenote refers to the first living entity Addresses the fact that this entity may have been too simple to be called an organism There was likely a time period during which entities existed that could neither be considered alive nor abiotic (un-alive) These entities would have met some but not all of the requirements for life Mutation rate would be very high allowing rapid evolution 3 How Did the Progenote Arise? (and does it matter) Many scenarios have been proposed: Primordial Soup Deep Sea/Hydrothermal vent Frozen environment/ice Iron-Sulfur world hypothesis Radioactive beach Extraterrestrial origin All assume that molecular building blocks must have accumulated in the prebiotic world Primordial soup theories predominate Consensus on RNA world hypothesis Leaves the first step undefined This gap does not prevent further studies 4 The RNA World
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Lecture 2-6 - Lecture 6 Evolution The Origin of Life...

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