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1.) What is the theoretical percent zinc in a sample of zinc iodide? (65.39)/(2*126.9 + 65.39) * 100 = 20.49% 2.) How does your percent zinc in a sample of zinc iodide you analyzed in lab compare with theoritical value? -The percent zinc in a sample of zinc iodide that we analyzed in the lab compare with theoretical value has a difference of 2.58%. If we based this on the percent average deviation, our precision is good. .25 g of Zinc Iodide
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Unformatted text preview: V 1 = 47.001 mL V 2 = 22.50 mL .0392 x .0225 = 8.82e-4 mol EDTA 4-R 65.29 x 8.82e-4 = 0.05767398 0.05767398/.25 x 100% = 23.07% 3.) Why arent they exactly the same?-They are not exactly the same because of Impurities in the reagents, and shortages of one or more ingredients in the formula. 1. What is the percent zinc of the zinc iodide product as determined by a Titrimetric analysis?-23. 07% 2.)...
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