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CHAPTER 5 Dynamic Systems Theory Infants assemble motor skills for perceiving and acting Perceptions and actions are coupled Motivation creates new behaviors Perceptions “fine tunes” movements with repetitive actions Infants explore and select possible solutions of new task; assembles adaptive patterns Reflexes: Built in reactions to stimuli; allows adaptation to environment Sucking- Automatic sucking object placed in newborn’s mouth Rooting- Reaction when infant’s cheek is stroked or side of mouth touched Moro- Startle response in reaction to sudden, intense noise or movement Grasping- Occurs when something touches infant’s palms; infant response is to grasp tightly Gross Motor Skills : Developed from infant to toddler on organize sports in kids: best for development; reduced risk of becoming obese; (n) pressure to win or achieve; risk of physical injuries; distraction from academic work Physical Performance Trend : Peak performance before age 30 between 19 – 29; after 30 decline Sensation : Information (stimuli) processed by sensory receptors- Eyes ( retina, optic nerve ), ears ( cochlea, auditory nerve ), tongue, nose, skin Perception : What is perceived (interpreted) from stimuli Habituation : decreased response to stimuli Dishabituation : recovery of habituated response Infancy : development of posture; locomotion of crawling First Year : Developmental milestone Second Year : more accomplishments; increased independence Childhood: Improved movements; mastery and confidence Adolescences : skills continue to improve Adulthood: 19-29 peak performance Late adulthood: decreased activity level; gradual deterioration CHAPTER 6 Accommodation: Adjust existing schemes to take in new information and experiences Assimilation: Incorporate new information or experience into existing knowledge schemes. Ex: a
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psychreview56789 - CHAPTER 5 Dynamic Systems Theory Infants...

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