performanceproposalMUSHL107 - and melodies of these...

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Annya Marie Valderrama MUSHL 107 – 52 Instructor:  David DeMotta PROPOSAL FOR PERFORMANCE REPORT PERFORMANCE:  Rhythm of Rajasthan PERFORMANCE DATE:  Saturday, November 19 2011 VENUE:  Carnegie Hall- Zankel Hall BACKGROUND:  RHYTHMS OF RAJASTHAN is composed of a group of musicians and one dancer from  the western region of Rajasthan. The group mixes the music of traditional hereditary caste  musicians of the Langa and Manganiar community as well as a dancer from Kalbelia community.  The Rhythms of Rajasthan is a birth of an idea to create an exciting fusion of traditional rhythms 
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Unformatted text preview: and melodies of these communities. All the group members have worked with many musicians from the northern region of India. The music of Rajasthan is driven by pulsating rhythms created by an array of percussion instruments, the most popular of them being the dholak , a double-headed barrel drum, whose repertoire has influenced other Indian drums, including the tabla. This music also features the satara , a double flute, and the hypnotic Jewish harp, or morchang ....
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performanceproposalMUSHL107 - and melodies of these...

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