Assignment2 - BUS 220 Introduction to Decision Science...

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BUS 220 – Introduction to Decision Science Spring 2011 Assignment 2 due on Thursday, 3/10/2011 NOTE: The assignment could be done jointly by (at most) 2 students. (Of course, it can be done by a single person.) In any case, the cover page indicating only student(s) names and student id(s) should be attached to each assignment . I will keep this page for my recording purposes. The first page of the solutions to the assignment should also include student(s) names and student number(s), so that you can get the solutions back. The assignment is due BEGINNING of class on the due date. 10% of your grade will be deducted if the work is not presented in a clear and neat manner. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Problem 1 Grand Pizza Inc. produces two pizza products. Letting C= number of Cheese pizzas D= number of Double pizzas leads to a formulation: Max z = 2 C + 2.5 D s.t. 10 C + 14 D 8960 Dough 6 C + 2 D 4160 Cheese 4 C + 4 D 3200 Tomatoes C, D 0 The Excel solution is enclosed. a. (5 points) What is the optimal objective function value, and what are the optimal values of variables? b . (5 points) Specify the range of optimality for the objective function coefficients. c . (5 points) What are the shadow prices for each constraint? Interpret each. d . (5 points) Identify the range of feasibility for each of the right hand side values (i.e. in what range the shadow price for a constraint is valid). Problem 1, Assignment 2
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Assignment2 - BUS 220 Introduction to Decision Science...

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