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The stage of life I am at right now is stage five which is the stage of adolescence. The reason why I believe and feel that I am in that stage is because I am still trying to find where I fit into the adult world and also try and discover just who I really am. This is the stage where we question and challenge many different viewpoints that we have been presented with by our parents, schools, churches, and the other figures and institutions of authority. Also when we are in this stage is we question what would have happened if we would have done certain things different in our childhood. As well as how things in our lives could have been different if we would have been born to a different family or a different race or religion or in some cases of a different financial class. These are all questions that go through our mind when we are trying to figure out who we really are and how we can fit in to the adult world with people that have
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Unformatted text preview: grown up different from us. I have been consciously been seeking answers by trying to figure out who I really am and I have found that I am a person that want to help others and who wants to be of use to the people in society. Also I am a creative person that fined different and unusual ways to solve my problems in life. How I have come to this realization is I volunteer to help our local organizations when the do fund raisers as well as when they have walks to find the cure for certain diseases. I think the question I am still trying to answer from this stage is where I belong in the adult world .This question I find the hardest because I don’t fit in will a lot of different people because they don’t like the values I have. Also I am still confused on just who I really am but I figure it will happen in time when I have answered all the questions I have....
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