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In our first phase of Jane Loevingers ego development is what is known as the infancy stage. With infants they cannot use a complete sentence and because of this they must depend on the conclusion supported on the observation of them. In the second phase of ego development is what is known as the impulsive stage. This is the stage that is often known as the toddler stage but certain individuals stay in this stage their whole life. When you are in this stage the person’s ego maintains to be centered on our physical feelings like central desire and our precise wants. Our third phase is what is known as the self-protective stage. In this stage it often effects a person’s central childhood. With the self-protective ego is more cognitively sophisticated rather
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Unformatted text preview: than spontaneous ego. With this they are using better mindfulness of reason results. Of things like guidelines and consequences to get what they want from others .In this stage the person may be more inclined to be more involved in cruelty, devious, and self-centered. The fourth stage is known as conformist. With this ego the person is very obsessed with fitting in. This stage normally affects individuals going into school. The fifth phase is called self-aware is the stage where the ego is still incomplete understanding of profound matters like who their true self is as well as the people around them. The sixth phase is named conscientious. In this stage the disposition in the direction of self-assessment and self-analysis carry on....
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