understanding the collection process

understanding the collection process - Form the reading we...

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Form the reading we have learned that the office collection process will use five steps. Our first step in the billing process is billing the patients on the 15 th day of each month. Then we call the patient with a reminder to pay their bill within thirty days after their bill has been sent to them. The patient is also reminded of the financial policies and procedures of the office as well as the payment options. Then fifteen days later if the patient has not made a payment. Then the patient is then sent a collection letter that is brief and courteous but profession. This letter also informs the patient of their outstanding debt and it will also outline the patient’s payment options again for them. After these steps have been made then it is given to the in house collection agency. When the agency gets it their job is to call the patient and let the patient know about their account status and also again offer payment options. This agency also has regulations and procedures that they must follow .These will ensure that the debtor is treated fairly and in an
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