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Unformatted text preview: tation Example Two crops: corn and soybeans Crop yield varies with dates of planting and harvesting Time is disaggregated into six annual periods: spring before planting, two periods during planting, two during harvest, and one in fall after harvest Cultural operations (in order): plowing, planting, harvesting Labor by Time Period Labor Period Preplant (Pd1) Plant (Pd2) Plant (Pd3) Harvest (Pd4) Harvest (Pd5) Labor Available 80 65 75 130 100 Operations Operations We can plow any time after harvest, including in the same time period as the harvest (pd4 or pd5). We can plant in the same period that we plow, if the plowing is done in one of the allowed planting periods (pd2 and pd3). Technical Data Technical Prices/Unit Prod cost/acre Labor Use hrs/acre Plowing Planting Harvesting Corn $2.50 $100 Soybeans $6.50 $50 0.4 0.15 0.35 0.3 0.15 0.75 The farm has 400 acres Yields Yields Corn after Corn Planting Period Pd2 Pd3 Harvest Pd4 130 120 Period Pd5 125 110 Corn after Soyb Planting Period Pd2 Pd3 145 133 137 129 Soybeans Planting Period Pd2 Pd3 35 45 33 42 Objective Values Objective Harvest Pd4 Period Pd5 Corn after Corn Planting Period Pd2 Pd3 225 200 212.5 175 Corn after Soyb Planting Period Pd2 Pd3 262.5 232.5 242.5 222.5 Soybeans Planting Period Pd2 Pd3 177.5 242.5 164.5 223 Equilibrium Assumptions Equilibrium The equilibrium assumption is that this year's plowing and crop mix equals last year's. spring plow plant harvest fall plow Table 8.8 Table Plow Obj Land Laborp1 Laborp2 Laborp3 Laborp4 Laborp5 plant after plow Fol corn plant p2 Fol corn plant p3 Fol soy plant p2 Fol soy plant p3 plow after harvest corn harv p4 corn harv p5 soy harv p4 soy harv p5 Plant Corn Plant Soybeans Plow after Corn Plow after Soybeans Corn after Corn Corn after Soybeans Soybeans after Corn Soybeans after Soybeans p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p2h4 p2h5 p3h4 p3h5 p2h4 p2h5 p3h4 p3h5 p2h4 p2h5 p3h4 p3h5 p2h4 p2h5 p3h4 p3h5 225 212.5 200 175 262.5 242.5 232.5 2...
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