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Using Excel for Simple Statistical Analysis 1) Check the tools menu for the "Data Analysis" tool. If not visible, go to "Add Ins" and add the Analysis Tool Pack(s). 2) To calculate a simple arithmetic mean, use the function "average" over the data range you want an average for. 3) To calculate the standard deviation, use the function "stdev" over the same data range. Note: To use the functions in Excel, you type the "=" in the cell, then the name of the function, then an open parenthesis, then highlight the data cells for your data range, and close the parentheses. If you are baffled, look at my example on the web. 4) Correlation analysis. To perform a correlation analysis, open the data analysis tool and select "correlation." Highlight all at once the columns of data you want to enter and be sure you check that the data is in columns. (If you entered your data horizontally in rows, you would click "rows." In my example, the data is entered in columns.) You can put your output in a new worksheet by clicking that option, and you can title that new worksheet by filling in the blank right by that option. 5) Cumulative distribution function (CDF). This is just a plot. Copy your yield data to a separate page. Use the sort function in Excel to order it from smallest to highest. Assign probabilities by dividing 1 by the number of observations. In the example, I had 13 years of data, so I divided 1/13=0.07692. For the first yield (smallest yield) take half this number and enter it directly to the right of the yield (format it as a percentage). To fill in the rest of the boxes, add the probability (1/N) to each
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excel-for-statistical-analysis - Using Excel for Simple...

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