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Farm Plan: Final Instructions. 1) Do an initial LP. The LP will be exactly like the sample LP I did in class, except the RHS values for cropland, pasture, and labor will be based on your data. Instructions on the class website walk you through the process of setting your RHS values. 2) Look over your sensitivity report. Based on the sensitivity report, modify your initial LP to allow for some changes – e.g. hiring labor or renting out some unused land. Rerun the LP. 3) Use the modified LP (second LP) to develop a Whole-Farm Budget. Instructions are available on the class website: 4) You will need to submit both the Excel workbook by email AND a formal written report on paper, which you print and hand to me. 5) The Excel worksheet will have the following pages, in this order: Data, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Business Analysis, First LP, Sensitivity Report, Second LP,
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