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Completing the Farm Plan Project Your farm plan project will include the following items: 1) Set of tables describing the physical and financial characteristics of the farm during the selected year. Including: 1) inventory of machinery and equipment; 2) inventory of real estate, 3) inventory of feed, grain, supplies, etc.; 4) land use, crop production, and sales for the selected year; 5) inventory, purchases, and sales of livestock; 6) cash farm expenses for the selected year. You already have all needed data, but you must organize it properly, complete totals, etc., where relevant. 2) A balance sheet (table 7) and income statement (table 8) developed from these tables. You must also provide analyses for these tables. For the balance sheet, calculate all relevant ratios and estimate "borrowing potential" based on a debt to asset ratio of 0.4. . Ratios needed: Current Ratio, Working Capital Ratio, Debt-to-Asset Ratio. You also need to estimate the borrowing potential of the farm. For the income statement, calculate all relevant returns. Returns needed: Return to Labor and Management, % Return to Capital; % Return to Equity. 3) A table (table 9) showing how your farm's cost structure for variable costs compares to ACES budgets. 4) A set of enterprise budgets modified to reflect the situation on your farm. For crop budgets, recalculate the "break-even" figures based on the costs you've modified. 5) A table (table 10) showing your farm's labor availability by period of the year. You can use 6 2-month periods as I did in the Guide, or you can use 12 monthly periods. 6) A linear programming tableau and solution to give the optimal farm plan.
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fpinstructions05 - Completing the Farm Plan Project Your...

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