Reading Resistors

Power only now and then are we obliged to consider

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Unformatted text preview: t;#3CU 7&09#7$ /,& <+-9. 0&<&<=&0 Q0#(5$ 7/$+.+/, #$ G,&L. ./ S9+.&>J V/,& /: .9+$ +$ 6&0( $#.+$:#3./0(> S& C&&7 39#0.$ /: .9& 3/"/0 3/'&$ 47 /, .9& @#""$ /: /40 /@, .&#39+,- "#=> Wins.” This mnemonic is not very clever. It fails to distinguish the trio Black, Brown and Blue and also between the pair Green and Gray. Black is a plausible representation of the value zero, since black represents the absence of color; the color Brown is close to the color Black; perhaps one might remember Gray’s position as “next to White.” None of this is very satisfactory. It is suggested that you find a color chart you like and affix it into your lab notebooks for reference. Here are the color...
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