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hw9 - Giancoli 9.45 9.54(Hint define the momentum of ball B...

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Giancoli 9.45, 9.54(Hint: define the momentum of ball B in terms of speed Vb and andgle Theta(b) right from the start), 9.64( write the mass of each block as the density p times the volume) K1. A 9500 kg box car traveling at 16m/s strikes a second car. The two stick together and move off with a speed of 6.m m/s A). What is the mass of the second car B. How much mechanical energy was lost during the collision? What happened to it? K2 or 9.105 honors question Jimmy (25 kg) likes to climb trees and then jump to the ground. Suppose he hangs from a branch 2.0m above the ground and then lets go. (consider the Jimmy-Earth system and neglect the earth's rotation and orbital motion) A. Make a graph of Jimmy's momentym as a function of time during the fall. On the same graph show the earth's momentum. B. Is Jimmy's momentum conserbed during the fall? If not, is there a system whose total momentum is conserved? Note: your answer to pat A should agree with your answer to part B. C. What is the earth's speed(ignoring orbital motion just before Jimmy hits the ground?
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