Quiz1 A - 25 psi/min at sea level has an air tank initially...

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Exam Fluid Motion Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) A standard atmosphere has a pressure versus altitude relation approximated by ρ = P o e - αh , with α = 0.116 km - 1 . An aircraft flies at 30,000 ft but maintains a cabin pressure of that at 8000 ft. What force is exerted by air pressure on a square meter of cabin wall area? A) 124 N B) 7.6 x 10 4 N C) 3.5 x 10 4 N D) 4.1 x 10 4 N 2) A house is supported on 20 pilings each with a 0.5 m 2 area at the base. The soil can withstand 5 psi. What could be the maximum mass of the house? A) 8.9 x 10 4 kg B) 1.8 x 10 4 kg C) 3.5 x 10 4 kg D) 7.0 x 10 4 kg 3) The body takes a mass of air into the lungs directly proportional to the ambient pressure. A diver who uses
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Unformatted text preview: 25 psi/min at sea level has an air tank initially containing 1800 psi. How long can the diver work at a water depth of 40.0 ft.? A) 2 min B) 61 min C) 33 min D) 107 min 4) How many logs 3.00 m long and 29.0 cm in diameter are needed to float a 2500.0-kg car? (ρ wood = 0.460 g/cm 3 ) A) 7 B) 23 C) 6 D) 24 5) A venturi is constructed of a 9.0-cm-diameter pipe with a 2.0-cm-diameter throat. Water pressure in the pipe is twice atmospheric pressure and it flows with a velocity of 0.20 m/s. What is the pressure in the throat? A) 1.9 atm B) 2.0 atm C) 0.08 atm D) 2.1 atm 1 Answer Key Testname: QUIZ1 1) D 2) C 3) C 4) D 5) A 2...
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Quiz1 A - 25 psi/min at sea level has an air tank initially...

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