Quiz4 A - temperature of 291.0 K and a hot reservoir, what...

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Exam Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) As the number of degrees of freedom gets large, γ approaches, but never actually becomes, what value? A) 4/3 B) 1 C) 5/3 D) 7/5 2) Liberating heat through combustion is what kind of process? A) Isothermal B) Adiabatic C) Irreversible D) Reversible 3) What is the most preferable option for a Carnot cycle refrigerator to reach highest COP? A) T c /T h close to 0 B) T h as large as possible C) to use reversible processes D) T c /T h close to 1 4) A heat engine uses streaming water to cool it and is operating with a high temperature reservoir T h = 300 K. It is never very efficient because. ... A) water can not be heated above 100 °C B) water is not suitable for a reversible Carnot cycle C) water is not a gas and it can not expand and contract significantly D) water is always above 0 °C 5) A reversible heat engine has an efficiency of 0.400. If it operates between a deep lake with a constant
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Unformatted text preview: temperature of 291.0 K and a hot reservoir, what is the temperature of the hot reservoir? A) 728 K B) 1020 K C) 407 K D) 485 K 6) A heat pump with a COP of 4.7 absorbs heat from the atmosphere at a rate of 14 kW. At what rate is it doing work? A) 3 kW B) 66 kW C) 17 kW D) 52 kW 7) A 39.0-g sample of an unknown substance is heated from 242.0° C to 334.0° C. What is the specific heat of the substance if the entropy increases 271.0 J/K in the process? A) 42.3 J/kg · K B) 67.4 J/kg · K C) 42,300 J/kg · K D)-2.05 J/kg · K 8) A 9.0-mol sample of gas at 312.0 K is expanded adiabatically 10.0-fold in volume. If the temperature does not change during this process, how much does the entropy change? Express your answer in terms of R. A) 21 R J/K B) 28,000 R J/K C) 0.0 R J/K D) 6500 R J/K 1 Answer Key Testname: QUIZ4 1) B 2) C 3) D 4) D 5) D 6) A 7) C 8) A 2...
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Quiz4 A - temperature of 291.0 K and a hot reservoir, what...

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