fresa y choco

fresa y choco - Dos seres humanos buscan su identidad....

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Unformatted text preview: Dos seres humanos buscan su identidad. David, estudiante de ciencias sociales en la Universidad de La Habana y Diego, un artista homosexual obsesionado por la cultura. El encuentro entre ambos da lugar a un complejo mundo de relaciones interpersonales en las que se entremezclan la amistad y la pasin, que lleva a poner en grave riesgo la libertad de ambos. Basado en el cuento de Senel Paz titulado El lobo, el bosque y el hombre nuevo . La pelcula consigue mostrar lo que une a las personas por encima de las convenciones sociales. La pelcula cubana muestra los entresijos de a vida en La Habana y la represin que sufre un homosexual en la sociedad cubana de los aos setenta, entre otras cosas. `I knew he was homosexual," the young man explains to his friend, "because they had chocolate ice cream, and yet he ordered strawberry." Thus does the shortage of consumer products in Castro's Cuba reveal the inner workings of the libido. The young man's name is David (Vladimir Cruz), and he recently had a disenchanting experience with his fiancee. They went to a cheap hotel to make love for the first time, but she was dismayed by the shabbiness of the surroundings and could not understand how the man who loved her could bring her there. David was understanding, they left without making love - and the next time we see them, it is at her wedding to another man. So David is on the rebound that day in the park when Diego (Jorge Perrugoria) sits at his table and starts to eat the strawberry ice cream. Diego is obviously gay: He's swishy, wearing his sexuality as a badge of honor. And he has eyes for the handsome young David, inviting him back to his flat for coffee, and then staging a fake scenario where the coffee spills on David's shirt. Diego insists David take it off so he can wash it, and . . . And nothing unfolds as we expect. "Strawberry and Chocolate" is not a movie about the seduction of a body, but about the seduction of a mind. It is more interested in politics than sex - unless you count sexual politics, since to be homosexual in Cuba is to make an anti-authoritarian statement whether you intend it or not. The movie has been directed by Tomas Gutierrez Alea , at 72 the greatest of Cuba's filmmakers and one of its most contradictory. An early supporter of Fidel Castro and the head of the revolution's underground film unit, he made "Stories of the Revolution" (1960) about the overthrow of the Batista regime. He founded the national film unit. Yet his own films have questioned life under Castro: The famous "Memories of Underdevelopment" (1968) is about an intellectual adrift in revolutionary Havana, and now here is a film in which Diego taps his brow and says, "This is a thinking head - and if you have ideas, they ostracize you." The character of Diego is much more complex than he first appears. He is a little older than David, handsome, and well-off by Cuban standards: He lives in a small, cluttered apartment, but at least he lives there alone, and...
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fresa y choco - Dos seres humanos buscan su identidad....

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