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ec - Dialogue Person 1 Are those goldfish Person 2 Yes they...

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Dialogue: Person 1: Are those goldfish? Person 2: Yes, they are. Would you like some? Person 1: Yes please! I am so hungry Person 2: Help yourself, last time I ate the whole bag by myself and got sick. Person 3: O, then could I have some as well? Person 2: Yes, please help yourself. Logical force- With all of the questions being asked in this response, one could have different responses for all of the answers. These answers could lead to different topics of conversation Logical force has multiple different answers to this story. Person one could have said no at any point. Also she could have left out the past of being sick and said something like “no problem” which would have not prompted person number 3 to ask to eat some fishes Moral Logic: In this situation it is only polite to respond to these questions in a positive way. This creates limitations because it limits you to only answering the questions that are being asked. Person number used moral logic but could have not used it. The conversation was very
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