sept 13 - Communication -began in politics -you need to...

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Communication -began in politics -you need to talk for yourself to be considered a full citizen – going o court, you have a lawyer -who has the right to speak -it is unconstitutional to limit the amount the amount of money a business and organizations can give to an individual -companies are quesi-individuals -who should have a voice in town elections? If you live in this area then you are allowed. Morals and ethics - Copyright – who has the right to site what – Greeks used to think it was an honor to be plagiarized - You have to know what reality is to start with - How our words can connect us to physical and social meaning - Invention of logic - How in the world do words have power o Advertising You have to some how connect the sensation to the product How does it get ou to do anything Read a speech about the Trojan war – Helen runs off to troy with her lover. Every one read homer. If she dosnt go home there is going to be a huge war. Written speech defending her. “she is blameless she was powerless because she was carried away by the persuaveivness of her
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sept 13 - Communication -began in politics -you need to...

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