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Multicultural Education and Its Good Effects Nieio has a lot of insight when it comes to inequalities in education. These inequalities date back to when there was segregation between the blacks and white, and even now today, schools aren’t “racist” but they aren’t “respectful”. Nieio has many different levels of acceptance of multicultural education. She is an advocate for multicultural education, rather than monoculture education. She wrote an essay called Affirmation, Solidarity and Critique: Moving Beyond Tolerance in Education. This article explains her points very clearly as she gives a well thought out argument for multicultural education. Multicultural education goes far and beyond just the “tolerance of others”. Nieio believes that, “the greatest gift that we can give our students is a tolerance for differences”. Multicultural education is pretty self explanatory. It has an ESL program and other programs to help those students of different cultures that may not be able to speak English to well. Multicultural educations have teachers that are bilingual and know how to teach in multiple ways as opposed to a monoculture education. Monoculture educations are taught in English and are very strict. They are “old school” as many would call it. There aren’t extra programs to help students proceed and learn more. In a multicultural education, the goal is to get everyone to learn the information in a way that won’t let them fall behind and in a way that is manageable. In a mono cultural education, if a student can’t understand the criteria, they will have to stay back. There is no ESL class to help them learn the criteria. The teachers aren’t required to help the students. Their goal is to get the information out and they don’t help the students as individuals to succeed.
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Multicultural Education and Its Good Effects essay -...

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