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Spellbound 1. Unfortunately it is not equal for all of the vignettes to compete in the competition. Some, like Neil, have money and have bought computer programs and have special tutors to help him. Others such as Angela had to learn the words, when her family doesn’t even speak the language. Some students have teachers helping them, others do not and they are totally on their own. In some cases, the parents can’t afford to help them so the kids study out of dictionaries. 2. There are some vignettes that have very strong cultural background and others do not. Neil is very into his faith and he and his parents use their beliefs to help them through. Angela however believes that all she needs is hard work, and that will get her what she wants. She is at a disadvantage, because even though her parents support her, they can’t help her. They cannot even speak English themselves. 3. Parents and teachers have a very large role. Many parents are very supportive and help motivate their children to study. Teachers spend extra time with the students after class to
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