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EDUC192A: Education at the Movies Spring 2010 Reading prompts: No written response is needed. The following questions are to help guide and focus your reading. Week 12 Contemporary School Psychologist: Agent of Change Article 1: Szasz, Classics in the History of Psychology 1. What does Szasz contend about mental illness? He contends that it isn’t totally real and that there is no proof of it being real 2. What two fundamental errors about mental illness does Szasz describe? One error is that theres no proof of it and another is that who is really able to define what a mental illness is. Why isn’t when you get drunk a mental inless, because you think differently then what you would normally sober. And who has the credentials and the right to say what is
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Unformatted text preview: weird. 3. Think about Szasz’s contention that if mental illness is a psycho-social and ethical problem and a deviance from the “norm” then how should it be treated? From a medical perspective and with medication? Some people believe in certain things because it is a part of what they grew up with learning, and they don’t know different. Who is the one who should judge what is right and what is wrong. We were also raised with an influenced belief. To them this looks insane. 4. What does Szasz discuss about ethics and psychiatry? He talks about ethics and psychiatry because they go off each other. Who should define what is sane and what is insane. Ethics depend on what you were taught, not always a mental illness....
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