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A Huge Management Problem

A Huge Management Problem - • The “chevalier Roze” o...

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A Huge Management Problem: burying the dead Debates about where to put all the dead o High churchmen tried to prevent use of the church crypts and burial grounds o Other desperate attempts had predictable reasons for failure o Debates about huge funeral pyres to consume bodies (done in Genoa, 1656) rejected These stories were dramatized in European newspapers around Picture: micro interactions, death cart, nobleman in charge Picture: knight (shown differently: dressed), people riding horses thru the scene, people obviously doing work on the ground. Moving the dead from here and there. Particular workers doing the dirty work (wearing masks), no elaborate head dress. The knight is tapping the guy on the shoulder (he was a nobleman, tall)
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Unformatted text preview: • The “chevalier Roze” o Instrument Technology invented at the same time as the instrument that eases child out of womb o Nobleman volunteered after martial law imposed Used convicts and soldiers to clear cadavers from the streets o As secular media hero • Convicts and soldiers who cleared cadavers from the streets —95% died o The knight himself did not die • He was celebrated in European newspapers Marseilles plague: so murderous • Over 50% of those who could not escape got plague o 100,000 before o ~10,00 fled o 60,000/90,000 (2/3) got plague o around 50,000 died...
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