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choleria - within western Europe • Rat Catching in...

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How cholera changed what governments did to control epidemics o Epidemics caused social unrest: could threaten those in power o Government must be involved in the protection of citizens’ health, but best controls are linked to transmission, not to cause Investigating causes of cholera (linked to water or areas of the city) Demonstration that cholera was water-borne, led to new water purity projects Early 1800s: urban sewer projects: French loved them, English resisted English finally invested in the building of a new sewer system (1860s). Why? Maps of cholera cases showed different aspects of public health objectives in governing o Mortality rates began to drop fast after this point What were the crucial insights? Diseases (or some of them) are linked to the environment Individual hygiene alone is not sufficient protection Environmental betterment costs money; public money o International consensus about quarantine needed to control the spread of cholera
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Unformatted text preview: within western Europe • Rat Catching in Victorian England: video International Sanitary Congresses • New institution to monitor and control three and only three feared epidemics: plague , cholera, yellow fever o From 1851 to World War I, met 14 times o Origins of the World Health Organization in these congresses • Took a global perspective; but epidemic controls were decided by international politics o International plague controls developed new practices and the idea of cordons sanitaires o 1830s cholera: a new recurrent pandemic that prompted scientific and bureaucratic review of plague controls and plague causes Summary: 1850-1870, Europeans change their approach to epidemics Thursday • Germ theory of disease: 1882 • 19 th century plague in East Asia • Hawaii birth lottery New thinking about quarantines over the 19 th century: overview • The Austria-Hungary...
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