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Contagionist Management

Contagionist Management - o Unoculated dogs o The dogs died...

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Contagionist Management Picture: French-invented garb (holding something that identifies you as someone with plague(white hankerchief), torch) Maritime quarantine o Maritime pesthouse at Toulon French treatises on the design of plague doctor’s attire—since1630, with specific details by 1680s National level military barrier, to prevent spread of plague to the rest of France Elite docs still put strong emphasis on miasms, at least initially o Physicians from Montpellier sent to evaluate causes o The scientifically correct view in 1720 was not “contagion” o But these physicians became very afraid in October Demanded luxurious meals Heal in tented pavilions at the city’s periphery No touching or bedside cures Experimentations o Montpellier physicians did autopsies o Believed chemically disordered bile caused plague o Extracted bile from plagues cadavers o Fed it to dogs; inoculated dogs, etc. o Concluded plague was… o Took blood, and matter from buboes and sores
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Unformatted text preview: o Unoculated dogs o The dogs died o “plague” declared the cause o Dr. Deidier, reporting his ideas Wondeirng how the bile different in plague blood Just how Contagious? • “prolonged contact” is required o “…to breathe for a long time, and…” o “..to wear the shirt ot sleep in…” o “…to touch one’s own sores…” Return to Montpellier from Marseilles: a harrowing…. The Larger Picture • Insiders could not agree upon effectie overall strategies • Medical perspectives were not successful in managing the plague • Central government policies…. French use of quarantine, 1600s • Picture: Plague wall and guard Marseilles Barrier technologies • The Wall: Built to contain plague within the region around Marseilles • Redoubt: where the guards at the wall stayed Past Meets Present: Images by a Modern Scottish artist • Frank To...
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Contagionist Management - o Unoculated dogs o The dogs died...

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