History of The Black Plague Exam 2 Review

History of The Black Plague Exam 2 Review - • John Graunt...

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History of The Black Plague Review Images: Typical Catholic plague art o Rats o People covering their noses o People carrying in the background Plague Saints o St Roch o St Sebastian Hindrick Terbrugghen o 1692 The “candlelight master”, painting c. 1630, Avignon Mask Painting o Wax robe o Beak o Gloves o Stick to touch things o Head dress made of leather- barrier
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Unformatted text preview: • John Graunt bills of mortality • Lazeretto o Big houses o Hospital o Confinement space • Bills of Mortality o Boxes o What some of those boxes contain o People fleeing town • French Disease o With red shawl • Hospitals for the :Incurables” • Anatomical Revolution • Christopher Columbus 1492 • Luther •...
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