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The Great Plague of London was followed by the Great Fire of London Fire control before the plague: shows us a kind of approach to crisis management (thus some similarities to plague control here) o focus on local, parish level o responsibility on individuals: most fires are not God’s doing, thus you don’t wait for God to solve the problems o English like new technological approaches to the mechanics of fire control Anti-fire legislation o Aimed at man-made features of housing and industry that increased the risks of fires in the city Descriptions of the great fire o “London was, but is no more!”-- John Evelyn o Samuel Pepys’s reactions o The great fire in the movies After these final notes: Review for the exam. MAKE A NOTE OF YOUR QUESTIONS! Exam will follow the
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Unformatted text preview: general format of the first test. o Images, original sources to analyze, a map, 10 multiple choice questions o A set of PowerPoint slides will be posted for review • Differences on this test are related to the very different material we have studied o major changes within European history, 1348-1666: how were they reflected in plague history? o specific and significant changes to plague art and plague controls o new areas on the general map of Europe important in this test o There will not be an essay. You will need to link your discussion of images or sources to discussion of a larger theme. Thus you will be relating the particular original sources to important historical changes within the 1348 to 1666 time period....
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  • Great Plague of London, Samuel Pepys, Great Fire of London, great plague, original sources, New technological approaches

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