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Plague for Protestants

Plague for Protestants - By “searchers” appointed by...

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Plague for Protestants o Salvation depended on the individual’s faith Less emphasis on civic institutions (such as health departments); instead, individual churches No collective activities, like processions or devotion to saints o Evidence of God’s plan in signs, portents, wonders, warnings o No centralized control of “heterodoxy” Plague times increased the rate at which people drifted away from sanctioned church ideas and practices The Great Plague of London o The larger picture: historical background and aftermath o John Graunt & the Bills of Mortality o General aspects of the 1665 plague from the Bills of Mortality o Background: At the end of a bloody civil war In the midst of a century of unprecedented growth “restoration” of the monarchy reserved even in public mood, from Puritanism to frivolity Here a film to capture some of the background history English Traditions in managing the plague o Since the 1560’s: handled at the parish church level, by parish officials o Reporting causes
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Unformatted text preview: By “searchers” appointed by Parish Clerks Occasionally verified by “examiners” or by surgeons o Weekly reports to the downtown “guild ha;;” of parish “aldermen”; then published and sold o The mayor of London in charge; very few city pest houses (lazarettos); household isolation and pest houses were paid for and operated by parish churches • The London Bills of Mortality o Italian cities had death registers, but they were not public o London reported news of deaths in weekly broadsides since 1592, then 1603 o How John Graunt read the Bills • John Graunt o Sometimes called the “father of demography” o He was an ordinary haberdasher o He bought weekly Bills of Mortality , then asked what more could be learned from examining them? Some Examples: • Reporting Causes of Death o Searchers Examiners or surgeons may confirm o Parish Clerk o Guild Hall of Parish Clerks o Plague Workers Watchmen Nurse-keepers...
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Plague for Protestants - By “searchers” appointed by...

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